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Subscribe the Trinity Calendars
Last Updated 3 years ago

TBC&GS has several community visible calendars you can subscribe to to see upcoming events.  Such as Trinity Life.  This is the same calendar as the "TBC Life Calendar" in the "Calendars" menu in InsideTrinity (Moodle).

1) To subscribe to a calendar, first make sure you're logged into your TBC&GS account by going to:

2) Login to InsideTrinity if not already logged in then click on "Mail"

3) Go to Google Calendar:

4) Make sure the selected account is your TBC&GS account by clicking your picture/icon circle in the upper-right hand corner of the screen.


From here you have two options:

1) Go back to InsideTrinity:

2) Click on "Calendars" at the top

3) Select "Trinity Life Calendar"

4) Click on the "Add Calendar" button at the bottom of the calendar.


1) Inside Google Calendar click on the "+" button next to "Other Calendars


2) Click on "Subscribe to Calendar"

3) Then add one of the following Calendar IDs to the "Add Calendar" box and hitting Enter.

Trinity life -

Room Reservation -

Vehicle Request -

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