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Browsers - Backing Up Bookmarks and saved Passwords
Last Updated a year ago

Each web browser has its own method of exporting and importing a list of bookmarks and other account data.  While most browsers support some form of syncing service: Chrome uses Google, Edge uses Microsoft, Safari uses iCloud, and Firefox has its own syncing service.

But if you're not using these, or want to avoid saving your data to the cloud, you can always manually export your data.

NOTE: Passwords should never be saved in the browser, the security just isn't he same as a dedicated manger.  It's best to use a password manager like Bitwarden or 1Password.  But if you have saved passwords in your browser you can also export those.

Below is a list of links on how to export and import this data for the four major browsers.

Chrome -
Read the section titled "Move Bookmarks to another browser"

Firefox -

Microsoft Edge -

Apple Safari -

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