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Free Microsoft Office for Education
Last Updated 5 years ago

Students of accredited universities can find various deals and discounts on essential software like Microsoft Office for Windows and OSX.

Because TBC is a subscriber to Microsoft all students are eligible for a free copy of Office 365 for Education. This license is for 4 years and requires an active email address. Once you are no longer a student and your account is deleted you will lose access.

What is the Office 365 ProPlus benefit for students?

Academic institutions that are Microsoft customers and license Office for all faculty/staff are be eligible to offer Office 365 to their Students at no additional cost. Students can take advantage of free Office 365 ProPlus, through a self-sign up process.

How do I get free Office 365 ProPlus?

1. Go to
2. Put in your school provided email address
3. Follow the prompts to login to Office 365
4. Download Office and sign-in with your school ID

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