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Anti-Virus Software
Last Updated 8 years ago

Anti-virus is highly recommended for all laptops regardless of Operating System.  OSX, Linux, and Windows are all capable of getting and distributing viruses and malicious code.  No system is immune.

Anti-virus is also required for access to TBC's systems.

See the list below for available options for your Operating system


  1. Avast Anti-Virus (Free / Pro) - Trinity Bible College uses Avast as its go to anti-virus solution.
  2. AVG (Free / Pro)
  3. Avira (Free / Pro)
  4. Microsoft Security Essentials

Mac OS X:

  1. ClamXav
  2. Avast for Mac
  3. AVG for Mac
  4. Avira for Mac


  1. AVG for Linux
  2. ClamAV for Linux
  3. Comodo

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