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Accessing Google Drive from InsideTrinity (moodle)
Last Updated 8 years ago

It is possible to store all of your homework files in Google Drive and then submit them through Moodle (InsideTrinity) if your teacher is using the assignment submission features of Moodle.

So let's say your teacher has added an assignment to your Moodle Course.  And this assignment requires you to submit a paper by uploading the paper directly into Moodle.  And just for argument let's assume that you have written your assignment in Google Docs, or at the very least have been using Google Drive to store your Paper.

Normally you would have to download the file onto your computer, then upload it to Moodle in order to submit it.  That however is not necessary.  Moodle is more than capable of accessing your Google Drive and allowing you to download files directly into Moodle.

Here is a video of the process

  1. Click the Add Submission button on the assignment page
  2. On the File Submission page click the icon in the top-corner of the File dialog that looks like a piece of paper with a "+" on it
  3. This will open up the File Picker, select "Google Drive" from the right side
  4. Click the blue "Login button"
  5. It'll ask for your full TBC email address ""  Proceed to login as per normal
  6. It'll ask you to grant privileges to Moodle to access your Google Drive.  Hit "OK"
  7. The contents of your Google Drive will appear in the File Picker
  8. Select the file you want to submit, and the hit the blue "Select this file" button.  It'll proceed to download the file to Moodle.
  9. Once you have the file you want hit the blue "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the screen.

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