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How many passwords do Students have to remember?
Last Updated 8 years ago

Technically when a student starts at TBC all of their passwords are set to match.  However, there are in fact three distinct passwords:

  1. TBC Main Account Password
  2. TBC Empower Password
  3. TBC Google Apps Password
The TBC Main Account Password is saved in our Microsoft Active Directory, this password is used to log into the campus computers, campus copiers, and InsideTrinity website.

The TBC Empower Password gives you access to the Empower Student Information System.  This password is initially setup to match the TBC Main Account password but these two accounts are not linked in anyway.  If you change your TBC Main Account Password you will have to change your TBC Empower Password separately.

TBC Google Apps Password is used to access Gmail and Google Drive.  However, you almost never see it in use.  TBC has setup a SSO (single-sign-on) policy with Google Apps so that you only need to login to Moodle to gain access to your email and Google Drive.  However, this account is also not linked with your TBC Main Account password.  If your change your Main password the Google Apps password will remain the same.  Only the IT System Administrator is capable of changing this password.

You will only ever need this password if you intend to setup an email client using IMAP or SMTP.

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