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LastPass**** is a password management software. It's hosted in the cloud so your passwords are available to you no matter which device you're logged into.

Some of the handy features of LastPass include:
  1. You only have to memorize one password,
  2. Can be used to store passwords, software keys, credit cards, insurance numbers, forms, notes, and profiles securely
  3. Generate New Secure passwords quickly and easily
  4. Multi-factor authentication - use both a password and a one time use code to login to the site.
  5. Emergency Password Recovery - Make it possible for someone else to retrieve your passwords in case of an emergency.
  6. One Time Use Passwords - Passwords that can only be used once to log into LastPass in case you're afraid of keyloggers on public computers.

LastPass... is also affordable. While you can use the free version the premium version is only $12 a year. The free version limits you to using one kind of device, desktop or mobile device. If you initially setup LastPass on your desktop then you can only access it via a web browser on a normal computer. If you set it up on a mobile device you can only use the app on the mobile device.

If you buy premium you can use any device and they will all be kept up to date and sync.

LastPass is handy because you only need to memorize one password to retrieve all of your other saved passwords. However, you can get into trouble if you forget this password or make this password the same as other secure passwords.

Technically LastPass is meant more for personal use than work use, unless your business subscribes to their enterprise licensing. So I would like to lay down some guidelines to help you should you choose to try using LastPass for all your password needs here at TBC.
  1. Don't use LastPass to save your TBC login information. - The reason behind this is simple, if you go with the free version of LastPass and you sign up to use it with a desktop only, then saving your TBC login information inside LastPass is worthless. As you will be required to login to your desktop before you can look up your login information.
  2. Do not make your LastPass password the same as your TBC password. - I realize this makes the software suddenly seem useless but your password should never be the same on any two sites.
  3. If your Boss owns a LastPass account, make sure to make them one of your Emergency users. - By doing this if for any reason you can't do your job your boss can request access to your passwords and after a set period of time LastPass will share that information with them.
  4. Always require LastPass to re-prompt you for the master password anytime you're going to edit, change, or view a password or secure note. - This is simply an extra security precaution. If you ever leave your computer unlocked while logged into LastPass this prevents people from sneaking in to view your information. Of course, I know none of you leave your computer unlocked when you move away from your desks.
I have no way to prevent you from using LastPass or any other such software options so I hope to at least provide some options to keep you safe should you choose to make use of a system like this.

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