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How do I purchase more meals?
Last Updated 3 years ago

To purchase meals online you must have the "Meals Balance" block on your "Dashboard" page in InsideTrinity(Moodle).


If you don't have this block, or don't know how to activate it please see this knowledgebase article

1) Once you have the block you will notice two buttons: "History" and "Buy".

2) To purchase new meals click on the "Buy" button and you'll be taken to a form. Most of the fields will be pre-populated with your information.

4) Next select the type of meal you wish to purchase: Standard(staff/student) or Guest. Prices per meal are listed next to each type. Also indicate the number of meals you wish to purchase.  Standard are normal meals you use for yourself and spouse, Guest meals are more expensive they let you bring a parent, sibling, or friend to the cafeteria.  

5) Finally, hit the submit button.

6) You'll be taken to PayPal where you can pay with a credit card or with a paypal account if you have one.

7) Once payment has processed it could take upwards of 10-minuets to an hour before the meals appear on your account.  If the meals have not appeared on your account after 1 hour please contact the helpdesk at as soon as possible.

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