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Using a PIN to log into the copiers
Last Updated 3 years ago

By default logging into the copiers requires your TBCGS Username and Password.  Although fine for most, this can be a bit tedious.  So we offer a second option of logging in using an ID and PIN code combination.

To activate use of a PIN you must first log into your printing account.
  1. Log into InsideTrinity (Moodle).
  2. Under "Support" select "Printing"   This takes you to the Print account page (only accessible on campus)
  3. Log in with your TBCGS username and password
  4. image
  5. Along the left-hand side you'll see an option for "Change Details" click on that
  6. Here you can enter a ID number and PIN password.  Best to keep these numerical.  I recommend using your student ID as the ID number.
    1. Under "Change Card/ID Number" You'll see your current number and a box to enter a new number.  Enter your School ID and hit "Change Number"
    2. Under "Change Card/ID PIN" put in a new PIN code for your password.  Verify it in the second box.  And hit "Change PIN"

You're now able to use the PIN option on the copier to log in.  This is substantially faster as you can use the fast keypad to login.

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