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Editing Speed Dial buttons
Last Updated 5 years ago

To change your programmable keys you need to login to the “My Phone” system.

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to
  2. On the login page use your full 10 digit phone # and the password below
    1. Number - Your ten digit telephone number
    2. Pass - Your password - if you don't know it contact IT

  3. myphoneportal.JPG
  4. Once logged in on the Dashboard you can see recently missed calls, from who, and when. As well as any messages you have on your phone.
  5. At the bottom of the page you’ll see “Devices” click on the link
  6. A dialog will appear with your phone click on “Set Keys”
  7. A new window will open. Select your phone from the list (there should only be one)
  8. Click on “Programmable Keys” at the top
  9. You will see a spot for all of the programmable keys
  10. Click on a key to edit its settings
  11. Under Soft Key Action there are several options – we will only focus on Enhanced Monitored Extension and Enhanced Speed Dial

    Enhanced Monitored Extension is what you will use when placing a TBC extension on the phone, this will let you see when the other person’s phone is ringing, when the user is on the line, and even pick up or “steal” the call from the user should you so choose. As well as single dial transfer.

    Enhanced Speed Dial is what you will use when adding an external number to the system. Be aware, however, that this does not support dialing your long distance pin. If the number is a long distance number you will have to manually enter your passcode
  12. To set an Enhanced Monitored Extension
    1. Set Soft Key action to Enhanced Monitored Extension
    2. Leave Line at default
    3. Enter the 4 digit extension of the TBC phone you wish to call
    4. Leave Ring Splash Override at default (otherwise it’ll ring when the user gets a call)
    5. Add a Label so you know who it is you’re calling with this number
  13. To Set an Enhanced Speed Dial
    1. Set Soft Key action to Enhanced Speed Dial
    2. Leave Line at default
    3. Enter “7” to get out, then dial the number as you normally would on your phone. (minus the long distance passcode)
    4. And give it a label

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