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Forwarding a call to another number
Last Updated 3 years ago

You're able to setup your phone to either forward all calls to a different number, or only specific kinds of calls.  PLEASE NOTE: You cannot forward to a long-distance number.  If your cell # is local that should work just fine, but if it's a long distance number you cannot forward your TBC # to your cell.

To setup a forward between your phone and another one you need to login to the MyPhone website.

1) Go to
2) Use your 10 digit telephone number as the user and the password you were given when you started
3) On this front page You will see "Phone Status" with three options "Available', "Do Not Disturb", and "Forward All Calls"
4) Select "Forward All Calls"
5) If a forwarding number has not been defined it'll ask for the number you want
If a forwarding number has already been defined you'll see a blue bar along the top of the page that reads " Forwarding is turned on. All calls are being forwarded to ###" where the number is clickable.  Click on this number to set a new number

The number must be either the 4 digit extension of an in-house office phone.  Or if you're sending to an outside line must be a local # must begin with a 7 and include the full 7 digits of the number you're forwarding to.

Example Internal Forward:  5780

Example External Forward: 73445000

To setup a forward for specific incoming phone #s use the "Available" options for VIP and Unwanted.

With VIP numbers you can choose to make sure multiple phones ring or that the number is forwarded to a number you're sure to be reached at.

With Unwanted numbers you can outright reject the call, or send it over to your voicemail.

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