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OSX and Keychain for printing (Hold for Authentication)
Last Updated 6 years ago

This has come up for a few people already so I wanted to send out an email making sure everyone is aware.

The Mobility Print option we've provided for you to print to our on campus copiers uses a Secured Airprint protocol to make our copiers available to OSX and iOS users.

Secure Airprint requires your TBCGS username and password to authenticate the print before sending it off. This will usually be requested every time you print. If, however, you've opted to save your username and password to your keychain OSX will just send your saved credentials to the printer for you.

However, if your password ever changes this will cause problems as OSX will be sending your old password and it won't request that you update it.

So, if you print and the print queue gives you a message "Hold for authentication" this probably means your saved credentials do not match the ones on the server.

To deal with this you need to delete your old credentials out of keychain.

Removing credentials from keychain is simple.

1) Open Finder
2) Go to Applications
3) Open the Utilities folder
4) Open KeyChain Access program
5) Find the name of the printer in the list - and delete the record
6) The next time you print it'll ask for your new credentials.

You are free to save these to the keychain again, just be aware that the next time your password changes (it's linked to the same database as insideTrinity) you will need to delete the old username and password again.

And, as always, if you're having trouble even after removing the keychain entry, send in a support ticket by emailing

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