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Print to Fax - Faculty/Staff on TBCGS Owned Systems
Last Updated 6 years ago

There are a few select Staff members who have a print to fax option.  These instructions are meant to assist them sending a fax via the print function on their desktops.  This can only be installed on TBCGS owned systems, please do not request this for personal devices.

1) Open a document you wish to send as a fax

2) File -> Print and choose Enrollment Fax

3) Hit the Print button

4) A dialog will pop up offering you various options for the fax including where to send it, adding a cover letter, and getting an email of the success or failure of the fax.

5) In the fax number you don't have to start with a 7, the fax machine is outside of the normal phone network and you don't have to dial 7 to get out.  

If it's a local call just enter the 7 digit phone number

If it's a long distance call enter a 1 followed by the ten digit phone number, put two hyphens (--) followed by your departments 4 digit long distance code.

7) If you click on the "Option settings" button you can enter information such as the recipient's name and company for use on a Fax Cover page.

8) If you click on the Sender Information tab you can enter your own contact information for inclusion on the Fax Cover Page

9) Entering your email address on the Sender Information will send an email report on whether or not your fax succeeded (OK) or failed (NG).

10) IF you wish to attach a cover page click on the "Cover Page" tab.

You'll be presented with a number of templates that you can view.  Click on "Preview" to see the template filled in with both the recipient and sender information you entered in previous steps.

If you click on "Edit Message" button you can enter in the message that will appear in the body of the fax cover page.  

11) When you're done simply hit the send button and the fax is off to be delivered.

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