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Moodle Dashboard
Last Updated 3 years ago

The new Dashboard page on Moodle (InsideTrinity) website is meant to provide a better overview of our courses. Once you login, assuming you haven't customized your dashboard page, you will see in the center a block title "Course Overview" with two tabs "Timeline" and "Courses."


The Timeline tab will show you all upcoming assignments sorted either by due date or by course.

The courses tab will show you a filtered view of all of the courses that you are enrolled in on Moodle.

The In Progress tab shows you courses whose Start Date has passed but whose End Date has not. If a teacher has not set an end date for the course then that course will be perpetually In Progress.

The Future tab shows courses whose Start Date has not yet passed.

And the Past tab will show you courses whose End Date has already passed.

You'll also notice in my example above, if the teacher of the course has activated Completion Tracking you can see your progress as a percentage of all completed activities for the course. If your teacher is not using Completion tracking then it'll simply appear as a graduation cap icon.

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