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Email Signatures - Staff & Faculty
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Greetings TBCGS Community!

As many of you may know, we here at TBCGS have a standard for our email signatures that should be followed by everyone. Those who have come after this standard was introduced may not be aware of it.

I have already updated my own signature with this standard if you'd like an example, or would like to attempt to copy and paste it. Please note: Do not copy and paste the footer image. Follow the instructions below to move the footer image into your signature.

There are two footer images included in this email. One for regular Faculty/Staff and one for Athletics.

For those of you using the Gmail website, use the instructions below.

If you are using your own email client (i.e. Apple Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.) you will have to figure out how to do signatures for your program as each is a little different.

Please note: not all mobile applications support advanced signatures like these. So if you use your phones to send email try to get your signatures to match as close as possible.

I am including a video for the more visual people:

Adding a Signature To Gmail

Signature Settings:
  1. Log into your Inside Trinity email account (
  2. Click on Mail
  3. Next click on the gear button in the upper right-hand corner of the page
  4. Select "Settings" from the drop down.
    Scroll Down to the section that says "Signature:"

Adding The Signature:

  1. Font is "sans Serif"
  2. Name should be bold, font size "Large"
  3. Color is the darkest blue available in the text color settings.
  4. If you have an advanced degree (Masters or Doctorate), please put a comma after your name and then add the degree initials after the comma
  5. If you have a title such as "Rev." you may include that title before your name
  6. Second line is your Job Title, font should be sized "Normal" and in bold italics.
  7. Third line is your email, with the word "Email:" in bold, normal size. Your email address is NOT in bold.
  8. Fourth line is your direct TBCGS phone line, with the word "Phone:" in bold, normal size. Your phone number is NOT in bold and should use the "." in its number rather than "(" or "-"
  9. Beneath your phone number, add in the TBCGS logo footer:
    1. Click on the mountain picture to "insert picture"
    2. Upload the image that is attached to this email
    3. IF Gmail asks you for a web address instead of for an image to upload you might be attempting to replace the image that is already there instead of just adding a new one.

      Delete the old image then try to add a new one.
    4. If you do need an image URL you can use one of these two:
  10. If everything looks correct, scroll down to the bottom of the general settings page and click "save changes"
  11. The signature will now automatically be added to every email you send out through the Inside Trinity Gmail server.
If you use a different e-mail client to access your Gmail account:

Please set up your signature in Gmail first, then copy and paste the official signature into your email signature setup and insert the footer image accordingly.

If you are making a Departmental Signature (Trinity Enrollment, Trinity Athletics, etc) please use the same formatting for the Department name as you would for a personal name.
  • In the case of Departmental Signatures, you may add a reference to the Department's TBC Social Media Pages using the same format as the email line, i.e.:
I can't stress enough how important a uniform email signature is. Please do not add in quotes or other personalized information such as your Facebook and/or Twitter account, personal cell phone numbers, etc.

Thank you very much for your assistance in this matter!

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