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Forward Password Reset Requests
Last Updated 3 years ago

Due to a design flaw in our InsideTrinity (LMS) site the site can only send reset requests to your default email address and that email has to be your TBC&GS email address.  Which, we admit, is a bit circular.  So, all you need is access to your TBC&GS email at all times and you can reset your password.

So how do you do this?  You have three main options:  1) Add your TBC&GS email to your phone,  2) Add your TBC&GS email to an email client (e.g. Outlook, Windows Mail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc.)  3) Setup a forward from your TBC&GS email to a personal email address.

This article covers the third option.  Follow the links above to see the other two options.

Due to Federal Regulations we cannot setup this forward for you.  You must set it up yourself.

If you forget your password we have a convenient "Forgotten Password" link available on the login page for insideTrinity ( The problem, however, is that this sends the password reset email to your TBCGS email address.

To deal with this you simply need to setup a filter to forward the password reset request to a personal email address.

First make sure you've added a forwarding address to your account, you don't need to turn forwarding on just add a personal email address to your list of available forwards.  Instructions on setting up forwards can be found here:

Next we want to setup a filter with the subject.  You can find detailed instructions on setting up filters here:

1) So, in your email go to your settings (gear icon), See all settings,


2) Select "Filters and Blocked Addresses"


3) Click "Create a new filter" at the bottom


4) In the subject line put: InsideTrinity: Password reset request


5) Click "Continue"

6) Select a forwarding address (forward addresses must be setup ahead of time)

7) Save the filter

And you're done

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