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How Do I find my Student ID#
Last Updated 2 years ago

To find your student ID # in Empower first login to the Empower website:

1) Go to

2) Login with your credentials (Note: These were intially setup to match InsideTrinity, however they are not connected and changing your password on one site does not change it on the other.  If you've forgotten your password use the Forgotten Password tab at the top of the page)

3) On the home page next to your name you should see a blue link titled "What's My ID?"  Click on that link

4) A dialog will pop-up asking for your Date of Birth using the format MM/DD/YYYY

5) Enter your date of birth and hit the "Get My ID" button

6) Your ID number should appear next to your name.  It will disappear if you leave and come back to the home page.

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