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Exporting Schedule to Calendar
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Exporting Your Schedule to Calendar

This article will show you how to export your Semester schedule into your calendar either on your phone, Google Calendar, or other Calendar application.

Most calendar applications support the standard ICS file format for calendar dates and times.  Using the form pictured below, you can export your Semester Schedule into whatever application you use most.

Downloading and using ICS files -

To get to this form first login to Empower:

Select: Student Records -> Student Schedule (Summary)

At the bottom of the page you'll see an "Export Schedule to your iPhone/Google/Outlook calendar " select this to open the form pictured below


(Instructions taken from Empower's website)

General Instructions

  1. Choose which events to export by using the checkboxes (checkboxes start out checked; deselect to not export an event). If you have exported an event before, you will get a repeat of the event in your calendar.*

  2. If the time zone is not correct for your event, select the correct time zone from the drop down menu.

    The time zone you should select is not necessarily the time zone you are currently in, but is the time zone of the event itself. - Example TBC & GS is in US Central Time

    If one or more of your events are in a different time zone than the others, simply export multiple times (only select those events that apply for that time zone each time).**

  3. Choose "Download .ics File." Instructions for both are below.

Steps for .ics file:

  1. Click "Download .ics File"

  2. Locate the file you have downloaded, and follow one of the following instructions:


*Events that have no days to meet will be placed on the start day at 12 AM and the end day at 11:59 PM.

**Your calendar will adjust the event accordingly so it shows up according to your time zone in your calendar. Your calendar will also adjust automatically for Daylight Savings Time, if applicable to your time zone.

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