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Changing the Semester
Last Updated 5 years ago

Every now and again in Empower it would be useful to be able to move between previous semesters and upcoming semesters to view your schedule and see your grades.

Empower offers the ability to narrow down a search to a specific semester, or course.  These are known as the "Current Filter Settings."

You have two options for changing the current filter settings.

1)  On pages that support changing the filter settings you should see a big "Change" link (bold and blue) at the top of the page next to "Current Filter Settings".  If you click on that it'll take you to the current filter settings.  Once you've made your changes hit the "Return to Previous Page" button to return to the page you started on.

2) Click on the 'Settings and Tools' tab and select "Current Filter Settings" from the list of options.

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