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How do i change my password in Empower?
Last Updated 5 years ago

To change your password in empower you must select 'Change Password" from the "Settings and Tools" tab.

Remember, your Empower account is completely separate from your TBC account.  If you change your password in Empower it won't change it for InsideTrinity (Moodle), the computers, wireless, or printing.  To change your password for these services please follow this article:

To change your password follow these steps:

1) Log into Empower (
2) Select "Settings and Tools" -> Change Password
3) Enter your current password, and your new password in the boxes supplied
4) Hit the "Submit" button to accept the change.
5) Log out and log back in to test your new password

It is recommended that you maintain the same level of security for Empower that you are required to for Moodle.  Minimum of 8 characters, and at least 1 number, at least 1 lower case letter, and at least 1 capital letter.

If you fail to change your password, please fill out a support ticket and I will schedule a time to meet with you to fix the issue.

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