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Forgot Empower Password
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Remember, your Empower account is completely separate from your TBC account. If you change your password in Empower it won't change it for InsideTrinity (Moodle), the computers, wireless, or printing. To change your password for these services please follow this article:


If you've forgotten your Empower Password, it's easy enough to change your password by using the "Forgotten Password" option.

1) First go to the Empower website.  You can do this by clicking on the "Empower" option on the top menu bar in InsideTrinity or by going directly to

2) Along the top you'll see three tabs, click on "Forgotten Password"


3) On this page you must enter a valid email address, and then either your ID number (if you know it) OR your Date of Birth.

The email address can be either your TBC email address, or it can be the personal address you originally applied to the college with.  

Empower will send you an email to the email address specified with a link to let you change your password on Empower.

NOTE: Your ID# can be found in one of two ways.  If you have an ID card from us your number is on that card.  If you don't you can follow the instructions here: Find My ID #

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